Rat Information
Rats are a major pest across the whole of the world due to them reaching sexual maturity at around 12 weeks, and the fact of them being able to have large litters several times per year!. Rats cause structural damage to buildings and other man made objects, they also cause illness by spreading diseases that have the potential to be fatal (veils disease),  they are also known to carry salmonella, and horrible parasites like nematodes and worms.

The most commonly found rat found in the UK and across Europe is the Brown Rat, which is also known as the Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus). A lesser found type of rat is the Black Rat (Rattus rattus), the Black rat is found around ports and docking yards.

Rats are known to cause high costing damage to properties by way of gnawing through electric cables, they have also been known to burrow under gas and water mains which can weaken structure of the foundations.

Rats are extremely strong, they can fit through gaps as small as 25mm, gnaw their way through plastic, wood and even metal.

Brown Rat - Profile
Latin name: Rattus norvegicus
Other names: Norway rat, Common rat, Wharf rat, Sewer rat
Adult Weight: 300 grams
Length without tail: 20cm-25cm
Tail length: 15cm-20cm
Colour: Brown and black head and and upper body with a grey/white underbelly.
Snout: Blunt & rounded, Rats have an excellent sense of smell
Droppings: Ellipsoidal capsule shaped, approx 2cm long.
A bit more info: Burrows, Lives both indoors & outdoors, also resides in sewers and other waterways. Good at climbing, an excellent swimmer, very predictable pest due to its unwillingness to venture into unfamiliar territory (neophobia), constant need for gnawing to need to wear down thir contantly growing inscisor teeth, although regarded as a dirty pest the rat constantly grooms itself. Nocturnal (most active during night-time). Rats will always reside close to a water supply due to their need for water as they cannot survive on the water in the food they eat alone.
Life span: 9-18 months
Sexually mature: 2-3 months
Size of litter: between 8-10 babies
Rate of reproduction:  max 7 litters each year

Black Rat - Profile
Latin name: Rattus rattus
Other names: Ship Rat, House Rat, Roof Rat
Adult Weight: 200 grams
Length without tail: 15cm-22cm
Tail length: 18cm-25cm
Colour: Black or grey.
Snout: Pointed nose, has an excellent sense of smell.
Droppings: Spindle or banana-shaped, approx 1.2cm in length.
A bit more info: Nests mainly inside walls, loft spaces, warehouses, and trees. excellent at climbing, unlike the brow rat the black rat is rarely found in sewers. less predictable in habit than the Brown Rat and not as weary of exploring new environments and unfamiliar surroundings.
Life span: 9-18 months
Sexually mature: 2-3 months
Size of litter: between 6-10 babies
Rate of reproduction: max 6 litters each year

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Black Rat (Rattus rattus). Living Coasts (wildlife centre) , UK